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log_social_viEUws_webA little over 2 years ago, viEUws’ social presence was hardly noticeable and we did not know where to find our audience online. Social media looked like a deep sea full of too many fishes. But we took up the challenge and dived into that ocean. We tried different strategies; some worked, some did not. We learnt from this fast. After a lot of brainstorming, analysing, measuring and creativity, our team acquired expert  understanding of social media. 27,000 Twitter followers later, viEUws was recognised as the 2nd most important EU-media in the European political Twittersphere (study dated June 2014), and the 8th most influential account overall. Now, we are happy to share our expertise!

We know the rules and are happy to share them with you

Finding a relevant audience on social media that actually engages with you, can be a difficult task. But this becomes much easier if someone teaches you the rules of the game and explains the playing field. We have developed three approaches – which have proven their value in practice – to establish, or raise, your presence and authority on social media or your position in the online debate.

  • Establish your social media presence and effectively raise your voice
  • Online debate: promote your event or policy positions towards a targeted audience
  • Enable your team: tailor-made social media training

We can help you stand up and make your first steps in social media, but we can also help you run faster.

Contact us for personal advice:

Marta Albertini, martaalbertini@vieuws.eu

1. Establish your social media presence and effectively raise your voice

Choosing the right channel: every social media platform has its own purpose, audience and rules. We can help you find the channels that suit your needs and target audience best.

Building your community: we can help you establish a social media audience that is relevant to you – both in quality and size – through targeted research and our advanced digital tools.

Sharing your message: we can support you in transforming your policy issues and publications into attractive and engaging social media messages.

Engaging with your audience: participating to the conversation is vital on social media. We can teach you how to stimulate engagement, give shape to constructive discussions and manage crisis situations.

2. Online debate: promote your event or policy positions towards a targeted audience

Creating a platform for discussion and ensuring that the right audience joins the debate: we establish an engaging social media community and  persuade targeted social influencers to participate in the debate. The perfect way to create momentum for a policy conference, live debate, etc.

Debating questions that are important to you: we can help you choose the right questions, make sure the right audience participates, and moderate the actual discussion.

Providing insights: results are important, new ideas even more! Following the online debate, we can provide you with valuable insights, analyses of your audience and their opinions as well as straight-forward statistics.

3. Enable your team: tailor-made social media training

Integrating social media in your organisation: with its tailor-made training solutions, the viEUws team can make social media an integrated part of your employees’ activities. Nothing is more effective in the long-term than enabling your own experts to advocate the issues they know best on social media. From a one-day crash course to giving structural support over a longer period, we’ll make social media work for you!