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Mission of Norway to the EU – Climate finance: How to bring the private sector on board?

October 16, 2015 - Mission of Norway to the EU

Climate finance will be a central theme in the Paris Climate Negotiations (COP21) at the end of this year. How much international climate finance has been raised so far by the EU and others? How much can we whet the private sector’s appetite for climate-friendly investments?

The Mission of Norway to the EU and CICERO held a high-level debate on this matter with:

  • Kristin Halvorsen – Director of CICERO and former Norwegian Minister of Finance
  • Peter Wehrheim – European Commission, Head of Unit for climate finance
  • Zoe Knight – HSBC, Head of the Climate Change Centre for Excellence
  • Marc Bichler – Luxembourg Ambassador-at-Large for Climate Change
  • Lies Craeynest – Oxfam, acting lead for the Food and Climate Justice campaign

Moderated by energy and climate correspondent Sonja van Renssen.


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