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About Keep on Track


Keep on track! aims at monitoring that the actual development of renewable energy in the EU towards the 2020 target is not lagging behind the trajectory outlined in the RES Directive.




Following the experience already gathered during the IEE project REPAP2020, Keep on track! offers market, legal and political advice and recommendations for EU Member States either to stay or to get on track with the objectives set.

This will be done via:

– a platform for discussion and dialogue among different market actors ranging from renewable energy industry associations to national and EU Parliamentarians and the scientific community

– provision of a close-to-market monitoring of the fulfilment of the RES trajectory for each of the 27 EU Member States and for Croatia as of its access to the EU

– early warnings and suggested solutions on how to compensate any possible delay encountered, in case a Member State is lagging behind its trajectory and does not manage to overcome identified barriers for RES deployment


The EU has committed to obtaining 20% of its final energy consumption from renewables by 2020