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Top 5 Tech – All you need to know for the Latvian EU Presidency

January 12, 2015 - ICT

In this special briefing, leading journalist Jennifer Baker picks out the top 5 tech issues that will be discussed by the European institutions under the Latvian EU Presidency.

  • On the top of the agenda is the Data Protection Regulation: Latvian presidency will be pushing for a Council position
  • Copyright reform: Pirate Party MEP Julia Reda is reviewing the current Infosoc Directive; digital Commissioner Günther Oettinger is due to present his copyright reform
  • Google case: possible Android case and more interest expected in legislating apps in general, not least in-app purchases
  • Latvian Presidency says it wants a compromise on the Telecoms Package, however some concerns are raised around the high quality services, which can mean differentiated services provoking fears over Net Neutrality
  • Under the Latvian Presidency of the Council we can expect to see an ongoing debate on surveillance and security, particularly in light of the Snowden allegations
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