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Top 5 Tech – All you need to know for the Italian EU Presidency

July 8, 2014 - ICT

In this special briefing, leading tech journalist Jennifer Baker picks out the top 5 tech issues that will be discussed by the European institutions under the Italian Presidency.

  • After struggling to put in place European Data Protection Regulation during the Greek EU Presidency, progress on the directive is expected to be made during the 6-month Italian Presidency
  • Given that the ‘right to be forgotten is part of the proposed Data Protection Regulation, it will be interesting to see how companies will react to this new right once data protection reform is settled
  • EU-US data sharing agreements: Safe Harbor has been criticised for being not safe, therefore the European Union and the United States will try to negotiate a new data sharing umbrella agreement
  • As more and more disruptive Apps are being developed, it will be interesting to see what their impact will be on existing business models
  • Developments in the Google antitrust cases are expected: all eyes on the latest complaint about the Android OS and its dominance in the app market, as well as on the search dispute
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