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Top 5 Tech – All you need to know about the Dutch EU Presidency

January 6, 2016 - ICT

In this special briefing, leading journalist Jennifer Baker picks out the Top 5 Tech priorities that will be discussed by the European institutions under the Dutch EU presidency:

  • Encryption: The Dutch government took a strong stance against encryption backdoors.
  • Smart borders: The plan is to set up a digital framework to monitor all non-EU nationals entering and exiting the EU.
  • Safe Harbour: The Presidency will pay close attention Commissioner Jourova’s ‘Safer’ Harbour negotiations with the US.
  • Digital Single Market: Justice and Home Affairs ministers and Competition ministers will  meet several times over the next six months in an effort to move forward with the Digital Single Market.
  • Spectrum Reform: Telecoms ministers  in May will look at strategies for the future of the UHF broadcasting band and how to slice and dice the available spectrum.
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