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Brussels Briefing on Tech – All you need to know for February 2016

February 8, 2016 - ICT

Leading TECH journalist, Jennifer Baker, delivers a brief yet thorough insight of the current most pressing issues in the EU Technosphere. First up is obviously the most debated rebranding strategy of the past weeks: Privacy Shield — turns out that it is not that different from its late cousin, Safe Harbour. Second, the Commission came up with some new proposals on Spectrum. Telecoms industry will get the valuable 700-MHz band for mobile, and TV broadcasters will have to relinquish it by 2020. Third, consultation is almost over and the Commission is set to give its feedback on its various plans for the Digital Single Market. The Platform situation seems to be stuck in red tape limbo. Could Competition Commissioner Vestager’s input prove useful accelerating EU policy-making? Watch this space. Google seems to be up the creek without a paddle and, this time, it is about taxes and controversial deals.  Jennifer Baker has the story.

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