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FuelsEurope represents the oil and marketing industry in Europe. We contribute in a constructive and proactive way to the development of EU policies, while promoting and enhancing the reputation of the oil industry.

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FuelsEurope, the voice of the European petroleum refining industry

FuelsEurope was known until June 2014 as EUROPIA, which was formed in 1989 to represent the interests of Companies conducting refinery operations in the EU with the EU Institutions.

FuelsEurope is a division of the European Petroleum Refiners Association, an AISBL operating in Belgium. This association, whose members are all 43 companies that operate petroleum refineries in the European Economic Area in 2013, is comprised of FuelsEurope and Concawe divisions, each having separate and distinct roles and expertise but administratively consolidated for efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Concawe carries out research on environmental, health and safety issues relevant to the oil industry.

For more information visit : www.concawe.org




FuelsEurope represents with the EU institutions the interest of 43 Companies operating refineries in the EU. Members account for almost 100% of EU petroleum refining capacity and more than 75% of EU motor fuel retail sales.

FuelsEurope aims to promote economically and environmentally sustainable refining, supply and use of petroleum products in the EU,by providing input and expert advice to the EU Institutions, Member State Governments and the wider community, thus contributing in a constructive and pro-active way to the development and implementation of EU policies and regulations.