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About FOSG

fosg_logoSupergrid will be the transmission backbone of Europe’s decarbonised power sector. It will facilitate the trading of electricity across Europe. Supergrid will strengthen security of supply. It will create another global opportunity for European companies to export sustainable energy technology.

The Friends of the Supergrid (FOSG) is a group of companies and organisations which have a mutual interest in promoting and influencing the policy and regulatory framework required to enable large-scale interconnection in Europe. With a special insight into the technology needed to create Supergrid the Friends will be empowered to build the know-how to deliver it in practice.

FOSG combines companies in sectors that will deliver the HVDC infrastructure and related technology, together with companies that will develop, install, own and operate that infrastructure. The Friends will design the physical equipment, and work alongside the companies that will build the structures at sea, so that both are empowered to compete and win. The risks of providing this new transmission service will be reduced by the early knowledge gained during the policy formation and design stages.

FOSG is able to present “cradle to grave” interconnection solutions to policy makers and others looking to develop energy policy across Europe through to 2050.

“Supergrid” is the future electricity system that will enable Europe to undertake a once-off transition to sustainability.

The concept of Supergrid was first launched a decade ago and it is defined as “a pan-European transmission network facilitating the integration of large-scale renewable energy and the balancing and transportation of electricity, with the aim of improving the European market”.

Supergrid is not an extension of existing or planned point to point HVDC interconnectors between particular EU states. Even the aggregation of these schemes will not provide the network that will be needed to carry marine renewable power generated in our Northern seas to the load centres of central Europe. Supergrid is a new idea. Unlike point to point connections, Supergrid will involve the creation of “Supernodes” to collect, integrate and route the renewable energy to the best available markets. Supergrid is a trading tool which will enhance the security of supply of all the countries of the EU.

There can, of course, be many forms of Supergrid. The Offshore Supergrid is based on the seas around North Western Europe. There will be others, such as a Solar Supergrid in the Mediterranean. These grids will ultimately be linked to supply electricity across the EU.