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US Ambassador Anthony L. Gardner to debunk the TTIP myths

In an exclusive interview with viEUws, Anthony L. Gardner, United States Ambassador to the European Union, discusses the perspectives of the EU-US trade deal with Lénaïc Vaudin d’Imécourt – EU Trade Insights‘ Editor.

Trade negotiations between the US and the EU are going up a gear with the 5th round of talks taking place in Arlington, Virginia on May 19-23. The US Ambassador to the EU underlines that one of the main concerns regarding the trade negotiations is the investor-to-state dispute settlement mechanism (ISDS). According to Gardner, ISDS should be included in the TTIP, because the level of legal protections for investors is not even within the 28 EU member states. Investors also need more guarantees to commit long-term capital which is at the risk. Moreover, Gardner discusses the myths about the negative implications the TTIP would have on European consumers. Europeans will not be forced to eat GM foods or the meat of  cloned animals after the agreement is signed, the Ambassador notes. Gardner also says that regulatory cooperation on financial services should not be included in the scope of the TTIP.

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