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TTIP: great opportunities for SMEs, claims Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue’s Europe Co-Chair

March 14, 2014 - Foreign Affairs & Trade

In an exclusive interview with viEUws, Hans Stråberg, Europe Co-Chair of the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue (TABD), discusses the potential benefits of the EU-US trade deal with Lénaïc Vaudin d’Imécourt, EU Trade Insights‘ Editor.

According to Stråberg, the perception that the TTIP would only support big corporations is wrong, because this partnership has a great potential for SMEs. “Many SMEs have difficulties in handling two standards, which means that there are thousands of companies that do not even think about going across the Atlantic”, explains the TABD’s Co-Chair. In the interview he also stresses, that once the TTIP is agreed, it should be open to third countries.

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