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EU-US trade talks should pick up steam once “fast-track” bill is voted through Congress, says top US farm lobbyist Bob Young

April 21, 2015 - Foreign Affairs & Trade

Bob Young, Deputy Executive Director at the American Farm Bureau Federation, talks with journalist Rose O’Donovan (AGRA FACTS) about on-going agricultural developments in negotiations towards a Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP).

“Negotiations could pick up steam very quickly” Bob Young states, once the trade promotion authority bill is voted through the US Congress. Young outlined some of the key “non-tariff barriers” in TTIP, such as EU rules governing Genetically Modified crops and its strict legislation on Geographical  Indications. In past trade agreements, negotiating down tariff rates was the top priority – this is no longer the case. Representing the largest US farm lobby organisation, the Chief Economist said American farmers are urging discussions on scientific issues that would facilitate transatlantic trade. He foresees major gains for US farmers on grain & oilseeds but says that the EU & US would “be challenging each other on dairy products” now the quota regime is abolished.

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