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Brussels Briefing on Trade – All you need to know for 15-31 March 2016

March 14, 2016 - Foreign Affairs & Trade

In this latest Brussels Briefing on Trade, Joanna Sopinska – Trade reporter for EU Trade Insights, provides an overview of the EU’s most pressing trade issues in the second half of March 2016.

  • On 16th March, Argentinian Commerce Secretary Miguel Braun will pay EU officials a visit to discuss the possible re-opening  of Argentina’s markets to imports from the EU, inter alia, to foster the economy and encourage foreign investment. Braun’s roadmap also includes visits to Paris and London. Rumour has it that he is expected to seek the re-launch of the EU-Mercosur free trade talks, hitherto put on hold due to divergence of opinions on the abolition of tariffs.
  • On  17th March, Trade Commissioner Malmström will take part of a full-day Trade Defence Conference, whose aim it to complement the online public consultation launched in mid-February by the Commission on possible changes in the EU anti-dumping methodology.
  • On 30th March, an EU-India summit is set to take place. According to sources, hopes are high for Delhi that the long-awaited summit will mark the re-launch of the FTA talks with the EU.

This EU Trade briefing was first published on EU Trade Insights, more information here.

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