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Brussels Briefing on Trade – All you need to know for 15-30 June 2016

June 14, 2016 - Foreign Affairs & Trade

In this latest Brussels Briefing on Trade, Joanna Sopinska – Trade Editor for EU Trade Insights, provides an overview of the EU’s most pressing trade issues for the second half of June 2016.

  • On 15-16 June, INTA Committee will convene a two-day meeting to
    • Discuss behind closed doors the state-of-play in international trade negotiations (15 June);
    • Examine a draft recommendation on the recently struck Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and six members of the Southern African Development Community (15 June);
    • Vote on a draft report on the Commission’s communication on a new Trade and Investment Strategy for the EU (16 June);
    • Discuss a study on the modernisation of the EU-Mexico FTA (16 June).
  • In the sidelines of the European Development Day conference (16 June), the Dutch Presidency will try to strike a political agreement with the EP and the Commission on conflict minerals and metals.
  • On 20 June, Foreign Affairs Council is expected to green-light the opening of the EU-Indonesia FTA negotiations.
  • On 21 June, INTA and DEVE will hold a joint public hearing on TTIP, with participation of Trade Commissioner Malmström.
  • On 23 June, UK citizens will vote in a historic referendum on EU membership.
  • On 23 June, EU and Mercosur chief negotiators will meet in Montevideo to decide on the next steps in the ongoing FTA talks.
  • On 28 June, Trade Commissioner Malmström and US representative Froman will hold political discussions as part of the next TTIP round of talks scheduled from 11 to 15 July.
  • On 28-29 June, EU leaders will also discuss TTIP at the special request of Commission President Juncker.
  • On 30 June, the Council is expected to endorse the political agreement on the update and overhaul of EU rules on trade in goods that could be misused for torture or execution.

This EU Trade briefing was first published on EU Trade Insights, more information and free trials here.

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