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Brussels Briefing on Trade – All you need to know for 16-31 October

October 17, 2016 - Foreign Affairs & Trade

In this Brussels Briefing on Trade, Joanna Sopinska – Trade Editor for EU Trade Insights, provides an overview of the EU’s most pressing trade issues for the second half of October 2016.

  • On 17 October, European Commission will host a meeting on EU-China High-level Economic Dialogue. The main issues on the agenda are steel overcapacity and the new EU anti-dumping methodology.
  • The 17th negotiation round on Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA) will start in Geneva on 17 October.
  • Also on the same day, Commissioner Cecilia Malmström will travel to Berlin to meet the CDU group in the Bundestag to talk about TTIP and CETA.
  • On 18 October, the EU trade ministers will meet in Luxembourg to approve CETA.
  • On 20 October, a group of anti-CETA MEPs will host a CETA summit in the premises of the European Parliament.
  • Also on 20 October, a two-day EU summit will kick off in Brussels, with trade as one of the key items on the agenda.
  • The signing ceremony for the CETA agreement is scheduled on 27 October in Brussels with the participation of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trideau. Prior to that, Trudeau is expected to address the European Parliament on 26 October.

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