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Brussels Briefing on Trade – All you need to know for November 15 – 30

November 16, 2015 - Foreign Affairs & Trade

In this latest Brussels Briefing on Trade, Joanna Sopinska – Trade reporter of EU Trade Insights – provides an overview of the EU’s most pressing trade issues:

  • The G20 meeting will be held on 15 and 16 November in Antalya, Turkey, whose main trade issue will be the WTO ministerial conference in Nairobi, Kenya, in mid-December.
  • On 17 November, the Luxembourg Presidency will co-host with the Commission, the Parliament and the EESC, a full-day debate on the opportunities and challenges of TTIP.
  • The INTA Commitee will meet on 19 November to discuss the opening of FTA negotiations with Australia and New Zealand, and vote on a proposal to tighten the current ban on goods with hopes to reach an agreement as soon as possible.
  • On 23 November, during the Plenary session,  the Commission will make a statement on the state of play of the Doha Development Agenda (DDA).
  • On 27 November, will be held the Foreign Affairs Council (Trade), during which EU Trade ministers are expected to adopt a set of conclusions on the new EU Trade Strategy. They will also discuss the situation of the TTIP negotiations and the possible progress on negotiations with Mercosur and on the EU-Ukraine DCFTA. Finally, ministers will reflect on ways to tighten trade relations with the Asian region.

More details to follow on EU Trade Insights.


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