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Rodney Cooke (IFAD) on Food Security in Developing Countries

July 7, 2011 - Food & Agriculture

Rodney Cooke, Director of Policy and Technical Advisory Division, International Fund for Agricultural Development

IFAD on Food Security in developing countries

Our next interviewee is Rodney Cook- representative of International Fund for Agriculture Development who comments on following issues:

– Productivity of agriculture in developing countries
– Financial aid for small holders
– Different types of investments in agriculture
– Climate change and water management
– Price volatility of food
– Biofuels land grabbing in Africa

Rodney Cooke: “On the planet there are 500 million small holder farms which support between 1.5 and 2 billion people so small holders are very important in the developing world and hence the political focus on them.”

Financial aid to the small holders is very problematic. Our guest presents several reasons of it. First of all “people living in rural areas have less voice than people living in the city”, secondly small farmers do not have the same influence as big farms. He considers very important to increase influence of small holders on their country’s policies through stimulation of associations and organizations uniting them.


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