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Health Commissioner Borg hopes for deal on stalled GM crop proposals

February 4, 2014 - Food & Agriculture

Leading agriculture journalist Ed Bray is joined by Health Commissioner Tonio Borg for an exclusive interview on the revision of EU rules on genetically modified (GM) crops.

In this interview, Tonio Borg shares his hope that Member States will end the stalemate on the Commission’s cultivation proposal in the next few months. Health Commissioner Borg criticises Member States for “abdicating on their responsibility to decide” on GM crop applications. “This is not what those who draft legislation on these issues had in mind”, says the Commissioner. Moreover, Commissioner Borg expects the rules on GMOs to be discussed in the TTIP negotiations: “It would be very difficult to change our legislation on GMOs due to EU-US trade talks”, claims Health Commissioner. “But certainly we will apply our legislation in a fair and scientifically based way”, explains Borg.

Recorded on 30 January 2014. 

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