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GMOs: special briefing on the authorisation of genetically modified maize

February 27, 2014 - Food & Agriculture

In this Brussels Briefing on GMOs, AGRA FACTS journalist Ed Bray provides an overview of the latest developments on the authorisation of genetically modified maize 1507 for cultivation in the European Union.

Ed Bray says that the Commission is now poised to approve this genetically modified (GM) maize 1507 and it would become only the second GM crop currently grown in the EU. Member States voted on this GM maize on February 11. Bray reports how the voting result has put pressure on Member States to agree Commission plans aiming to give them legally-valid reasons for banning GM crops on their territory.  Environment Ministers will discuss the plan on March 3 at the Environment Council.

“The United Kingdom has said it could back the plans, breaking a blocking minority with France and Germany. So, the Commission hopes that a deal may now be reached”, Bray argues.

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