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David Nabarro (UN) on Food Security and Nutrition

July 6, 2011 - Food & Agriculture

For the Special Feature Week on Food Security David Nabarro, United Nations Special Representative on Food Security and Nutrition shares his views on Food Security

UN Special Representative on FSN about jumping food prices

Continuing our Food Security Feature Week we meet David Nabarro from Food Security and Nutrition, who gives his point of view on:

– Price volatility of food
– Food demand changes
– Agri-markets
– Agriculture investments
– Development aid for agriculture
– “Dumping agri-commodities” and overproduction

David Nabarro: “We are seeing a dramatic shift [in investing in agriculture] particularly in countries in Africa but also in Asia and Latin America (…) The proper investment in agriculture is key to future sustainability and prosperity.”

One of the main topics is price volatility. According to FSN representative there are several actions that need to be done to solve this problem. He proposes to increase investment in production, make sure that markets are working properly, observing all changes and finally “check if there is a proper information available so the prices do reflect demand to give signals to farmers to produce some more.”


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