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Brussels Briefing on Agriculture – All you need to know for October 2015

October 27, 2015 - Food & Agriculture

A dozen Member States, which overshot their milk production thresholds in 2014/2015, will face a superlevy fine of €818 million this year, with Germany set to pay out the lion’s share (€309 million). The highest ever superlevy figure was expected as farmers increased their dairy output ahead of the abolition of the EU’s quota regime on March 31. Meanwhile, Farm Ministers gathered in Luxembourg on October 22, where the future of plant breeding was one of the items on the agenda. At the meeting, Germany & the UK said  methods such as cisgenesis should not fall under the scope of tight GMO legislation. With the UN summit in Paris fast approaching, Ministers also held a lively debate on the crucial role of agriculture in mitigating the effects of climate change. As the EP plenary session is in full swing in Strasbourg, MEPs voted on air pollution rules and genetically modified feed opt-outs on October 28.

AGRA FACTS journalists, Ed Bray and Rose O’Donovan have the story.

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