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5 toughest questions faced by Phil Hogan (Agriculture) – Hearings of Juncker Commission

October 3, 2014 - Food & Agriculture

Phil Hogan – Commissioner-designate for Agriculture and Rural Development (nominated by Ireland) – had to answer a number of difficult questions during his hearing by the European Parliaments Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI) on 2 October. Hogan’s answers to these 5 toughest questions reveal best how he managed to handle the parliamentary grilling:

– How are you going to simplify the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)?
– What can you tell us about the implementation of the European Union Nitrate Directive which is putting drinking water in jeopardy?
– Are you going to activate the agricultural crisis reserve to assist farmers worst hit by the Russian ban?
– About 20% of farmers receive some 80% of CAP payments. Are you going to ensure greater convergence in direct aid for smaller farmers?
– How are you going to address the need for generational renewal in the agricultural sector?

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