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Troika inquiry: “Greek government puts in place positive reforms”, argues EPP Group

January 29, 2014 - Financial & Competition

Jennifer Baker is joined by Antti Timonen, spokesperson for the EPP Group, to discuss the Athens visit of MEPs investigating the Troika’s actions.

A delegation of 6 MEPs visits Athens on January 29-30 as part of the inquiry into the operations of the Troika (IMF, EC and ECB). The delegation, led by Austrian MEP Othmar Karas and French MEP Liem Hoang Ngoc, will meet present and past government members, members of parliament, central bank officials, and social partners. “We are seeing very positive changes regarding the reforms that the Greek government has put in place”, states Antti Timonen.

The findings from the Athens visit will be concluded in the final report, which is planned to be adopted in April 2014. It should shed further light on the impact of the Troika’s policies in bail-out countries.

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