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Competition Commissioner Almunia on Google Antitrust Case

July 24, 2012 - Financial & Competition | ICT

Joaquín Almunia, Vice President of the European Commission responsible for Competition, declared that the Commission has reached a “good degree of understanding” with Google. Almunia discussed the antitrust investigation against the internet giant in an exclusive interview with Robert McLeod Editor-in-chief of Mlex for viEUws.eu, the EU policy broadcaster.

When asked by McLeod whether the Commission was getting close to a decision on the Google case, Almunia replied that both parties “have reached a good degree of understanding and hopefully … will have their first technical meeting” in the coming days or next week.

A break-through in the widely discussed antitrust case, after the European Commission warned Google in May, as it believed that the dominant search engine promotes its own vertical search services (which focus on specific topics) over those of its competitors.

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