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Banking Union: “Establishment is top priority”, says Nadia Calviño

October 14, 2013 - Financial & Competition

In an exclusive interview with viEUws,  Nadia Calviño, Deputy Director General, DG Internal Market, talks to John Rega, Chief Correspondent MLex FS.

Nadia Calviño says it is necessary and urgent to establish a new framework for the resolution and supervision of banks within the Euro zone and voluntarily all other EU member states. According to her, the legislative process for the creation of a bank supervision is close to an end. Calviño calls further for a central decision-making resolution authority rather than a network of authorities and favours the Commission for this role. On the single resolution fund the EC suggests a fund which is exclusively financed by the banking industry so that tax payers would no longer have to pay for the resolution of banks.

“The top priority is the establishment of a banking union”, says Nadia Calviño, Deputy Director General, DG Internal Market.

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