EU, US negotiators to seek progress on least divisive issues ahead of White House ...

EU and US negotiators are meeting on 3 October in New York to continue talks on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTP) agreement with the ...| Click here to read more

EU Trade Insights’ Brussels Briefing: top trade issues from 3 to 15 October

After the last two very intensive weeks of September with four negotiating rounds and the informal Trade Council in Bratislava, the coming days look rather ...| Click here to read more

EU and Indonesia set negotiating priorities at first FTA round

Indonesia is ready to work towards an “ambitious” sustainable development chapter and shows “strong interest” in including a comprehensive small and medium ...| Click here to read more

EU proposes to increase duty-free imports from Ukraine

The European Commission tabled a proposal on 30 September to unilaterally increase for three years the quantities of duty-free imports assigned to Ukraine u ...| Click here to read more

Austria to give its green light to CETA soon

The Austrian federal government will in the coming days take a decision to sign the EU-Canada free trade agreement (CETA), Harald Mahrer, Austria’s State Se ...| Click here to read more

Draft agenda of the Trade Policy Committee meeting of 30 September 2016

Deputy Members will meet in Brussels on Friday 30 September 2016 to discuss the following items: WTO and Plurilateral issues: Post-Nairobi: TPC will discus ...| Click here to read more

EU to beef up rules on export controls of dual-use goods to prevent human rights v...

The long-awaited revamp of the EU’s rules on controls of exports of so-called dual-use goods that can be misused for military or civil rights violation purp ...| Click here to read more

UK pledges to uphold its WTO commitments post Brexit to avoid legal vacuum

Against the backdrop of increasing uncertainty about the UK’s trading status following Brexit, Liam Fox, UK International Trade Secretary said there would b ...| Click here to read more

Final agreement on conflict minerals expected in October

Following a political compromise reached in June, the final agreement on a set of new rules to combat trade in so-called conflict minerals such as tantalum, ...| Click here to read more

Germany’s top court to deliver ruling on CETA on 13 October- in brief

Germany’s Constitutional Court will deliver a ruling on 13 October on the compliance of the EU-Canada Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) with ...| Click here to read more

No TTIP deal before Obama leaves office in January, say trade ministers

(more…) | Click here to read more

WTO sides with US in latest chapter of Airbus v. Boeing saga

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruled on 22 September that the EU had failed to withdraw or remedy the billion euro-worth subsidies to Airbus -the Europe ...| Click here to read more

CETA, TTIP, MES and TDIs to top informal Trade Council agenda in Bratislava

The EU-Canada free trade agreement (CETA), the EU-US negotiations on TTIP, China’s request for market economy status (MES) and the reform of the EU’s ...| Click here to read more

Report: Revamped ISDS in CETA leaves member states more vulnerable

The revised investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provisions in the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) are more than ever challenging for ...| Click here to read more

Report: UK not likely to strike first “significant” trade deal before 2025

As experts are still attempting to grasp the exact impacts of potential Brexit, a recent paper from FTI Consulting « Brexit and Trade » sheds some interesti ...| Click here to read more

Member states narrow down differences on provisional application of CETA

The European Commission and member states’ trade representatives have welcomed the revised proposal on the provisional application of the EU-Canada free tra ...| Click here to read more

Austrian Social Democratic Party shows red card to CETA

After the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) said yes to the EU-Canada free trade agreement (CETA), its sister-party in Austria – the Social Democratic Pa ...| Click here to read more

EU executive re-imposes anti-dumping duties on Vietnamese leather footwear

The European Commission has re-imposed the 10% anti-dumping duty on imports of leather footwear manufactured by fourteen companies established in Vietnam. A ...| Click here to read more

SPD convention gives green light to CETA- in brief

Following last-minute changes, on 19 September the German Social Democratic Party’s convention approved with a “solid majority” a motion giving a green ligh ...| Click here to read more

Malmström, Freeland ready to provide “formal clarifications” about CETA

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström and her Canadian counterpart Chrystia Freeland said they were ready to provide “formal clarifications” to alleviate ...| Click here to read more

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