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About Euro Chlor

Euro Chlor provides a focal point for the chlor-alkali industry’s drive to achieve a sustainable future through economically and environmentally sound manufacture and use of its products. Based in Brussels, at the heart of the European Union, the federation works with national, European and international authorities to ensure that legislation affecting the industry is workable, efficient and effective. Euro Chlor communicates in a transparent way with all stakeholders and systematically highlights chlorine chemistry benefits.

Euro Chlor successfully regroups nearly all chlorine producers in Europe as well as chlorine-related associations for derivatives, solvents and paraffins into a strong, united organisation representing the European chlor-alkali industry.

In Europe, 34 producer members of Euro Chlor directly employ about 39,000 people at 66 locations where chlorine is produced in 21 countries.

Euro Chlor is part of the World Chlorine Council (WCC) and is a very active contributor to the UNEP Chlor-Alkali Partnership.

In the debate on chlorine’s role in society, Euro Chlor works hard to provide a focus for communications with key influence groups on chlorine issues and benefits. Euro Chlor promotes also the best practices in safety, health and environmental protection throughout the chlorine industry and has proved a sound defender safeguarding appropriate and essential applications of chlorine chemistry.