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Post-EU Summit – EU-Turkey Deal: More than meets the eyes

March 21, 2016 - EU Institutions

For the third time since November, EU leaders gathered in Brussels to discuss a solution to the migrant crisis and, finally, they seem to have come up with something more concrete. Janis Emmanouilidis, Director of Studies at the European Policy Centre, unveils what lies behind the complex fivefold plan that foresees a return of illegal migrants from Greece to Turkey and a direct resettlement of Syrians from Turkey to the EU on the grounds of a ‘1-for-1’ scheme, and the implementation of a safe roadmap for migrants and refugees. Other key elements are the (re-)opening of negotiations for Turkey’s accession process, the acceleration of the fulfilment of the visa liberalisation roadmap and a provisional additional €3bn grant to be given to Turkey in addition to the €3bn already allocated to Turkey. Janis Emmanoulidis has the story.

The European Policy Centre (EPC) is a Brussels-based independent think tank focussing on European integration providing high-quality analysis on the EU policy agenda. The EPC has a strong multi-constituency approach. Its members include private companies, business federations, trade unions, public institutions and NGOs.

Janis A. Emmanouilidis has been working as the EPC’s Senior Policy Analyst since 1999 and was recently promoted to Director of Studies. His publications cover the EU’s overall political and institutional development, the sovereign debt crisis, EU integration, EU foreign policy as well as EU enlargement. Emmanouilidis also acts as an advisor to various governments, EU institutions, European parties and NGOs. You can read his latest publications here.

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