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Parliament agenda: Greens group priorities for the week of 21 March 2016

March 18, 2016 - EU Institutions

As one of the many dramatic consequences of the migration crisis, one of the pillars of the European Union, Schengen, has been threatened and weakened over the past months. The Parliament and the Commission will, in a joint effort, try to implement instruments to restore faith and trust in an open European Union, and point out that closing its borders could drastically alter the Union’s face, not only socially but also economically.

In other news, EMIS, the newly-born inquiry committee in charge of looking into the car emission scandal, most commonly known as Volkswagen Scandal, will convene its first meeting on Tuesday 22 March. Finally, ENVI Committee members will state their position on whether or not the EU should renew the marketing authorisation for glyphosate, a controversial – even more so, potentially carcinogenic – herbicide.

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