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Parliament agenda: Greens Group priorities for the week of 11 January

January 8, 2016 - EU Institutions

The winter break is now officially over and a busy week awaits MEPs. On top of the agenda is the new very controversial media law proposed by the Polish government. This law would give the Treasury minister the power to dismiss and appoint the management of the country’s media. ‘It is a clear affront to our democratic values’ stated Richard More O’Ferrall, Greens Group spokesperson. The Commission and the Council are urged to take a clear stance on this issue to ensure that democratic values and the Rule of Law prevail.

The Volkswagen Scandal still resonates quite vividly in the EU. The Commission is expected to adopt a more European approach and supervision of testing processes. Next week, during the Plenary, MEPs will vote on a proposal to introduce a new system for testing car emissions with high hopes to eradicate any potential legislative loopholes. Finally, on Thursday, Commissioner Avramopoulos will meet with the LIBE Committee MEPs to hopefully improve measures taken by the EU to tackle the migration and refugee crisis. The future of Schengen and the introduction of border controls in more and more EU countries is most likely to be also part of their agenda.

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