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In Focus: The Italian EU Presidency – Ambitious reform agenda brings Italy back in European spotlight

July 7, 2014 - EU Institutions

Italy took over the 6-month presidency of the European Council at a sensitive time for the European Union: just after the European Parliament elections and at the expiring term of the European Commission, as well as the European Council’s president. Leading EU affairs journalist Grégoire Lory looks into the priorities of the Italian EU Presidency and discusses its reform agenda.

Italy, led by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, announced its ambitious pro-growth agenda for the Italian Presidency of the European Council. Competitiveness, foreign & security policy, migration and institutional reforms will be among its top priorities. The Italian Prime Minister is expected to bring changes to Europe at this important moment of transition and aspires to bring back citizens’ belief in the European Union.

Featuring statements by Stefano Sannino, Italy’s Permanent Representative to the European Union, and Lorenzo Consoli, Italian journalist covering European affairs.

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