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EU Tweets of the Year: the stories that dominated the EU Twittersphere in 2015

December 17, 2015 - EU Institutions

Jennifer Baker presents the EU Tweets of the Year overview, looking at the stories that dominated the European Union Twittersphere in 2015.

  • January: Sad beginning of 2015 with the #CharlieHebdo attacks
  • February: The #MinskAgreement was signed
  • March: Juncker’s EU Army idea shook up the whole EU twittersphere
  • April: April was the month of the #Confettigate for ECB President Mario Draghi!
  • May: On top of the infamous ‘Hello, dictator’ that left many Twitterati baffled, in May, Commissioners Oettinger and Ansip delivered their priorities for the #DigitalSingleMarket
  • June: The ‘Europe of Nations and Freedom‘ far-right EP group was born
  • July: The #GreekCrisis reached its peak in a Greek referendum and ended up  with a bailout
  • August: The #RefugeeCrisis escalated in the EU shaking it in its very foundations
  • September: The #VolkswagenGate scandal exploded and, still today, lessons are yet to be learnt
  • October: The #SafeHarbor agreement was deemed invalid by the ECJ
  • November: The centre of Paris was target of terrorists attacks on 13 November
  • December: After weeks of negotiations, world leaders reached an agreement in tackling climate change at #COP21

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