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EPO – European Inventor Award 2016 – Industry winner: interview

Bernhard Gleich, Jürgen Weizenecker and team

Germany physicists Bernhard Gleich and Jürgen Weizenecker and their team received the award for laying the foundation for a new category of medical imaging solutions. Developed in the laboratory of Philips Research Hamburg, magnetic particle imaging (MPI) offers real-time images of body tissues in unprecedented quality. Their magnet-based imaging method, currently in pre-clinical evaluation, promises to enable doctors to obtain instant 3D images of tissue complications, including cancers and vascular diseases.

Jürgen Weizenecker said he was “really happy” and “deeply honoured” to accept the award. Bernhard Gleich thanked “all the people who contributed to the success of magnetic particle imaging” and the scientific community “for their valuable contributions”.

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