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Top 5 Environment – All you need to know for the Luxembourg EU Presidency

July 17, 2015 - Environment

In this special briefing, environment journalist Sonja van Renssen identifies the top 5 environment issues that will be discussed by the European institutions under the Luxembourg EU Presidency:

  • Road to COP21 in Paris in December: the Luxembourg Presidency will focus on the need to channel the debate on climate finance, i.e. the money needed to reach the EU’s climate change targets as well as a review process to increase ambition every five years after 2020.
  • The second big climate issue for the autumn is the reform of the EU Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) following the Commission’s proposals tabled on 15 July.
  • The Commission’s circular economy proposals are due this Autumn and eagerly awaited by many.
  • Air quality: the Presidency will be looking to impose the revised National Emission Ceilings (NEC) directive on reluctant Member States.
  • Finally, the Luxembourg Presidency will prepare for the 25-27 September UN summit on post-2015 sustainable development goals.
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