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Top 5 Environment – All you need to know for the Latvian EU Presidency

January 5, 2015 - Environment

In this special briefing, leading environment journalist Sonja van Renssen identifies the top 5 environment issues that will be discussed by the European institutions under the Latvian EU Presidency.

  • Latvia’s number one priority in the area of climate policy is finalising a market stability reserve for the EU Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS)
  • The European Commission will launch a debate on decarbonising transport as it is the glaring gap in the 2030 climate and energy policy. Moreover, biofuels and ILUC will be climbing back up the agenda again.
  • Important legislative item on the agenda is air quality. More specifically Latvia will seek to broker a deal to reduce pollution from medium-sized combustion plants.
  • The European Commission’s Circular Economy Package is on hold – if MEPs and Member States sanction its withdrawal, what will replace it?
  • Nanomaterials are coming onto the agenda, with the Commission set to propose how to account for them under REACH
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