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Top 5 Environment – All you need to know about the Dutch EU Presidency

January 12, 2016 - Environment

In this special briefing, environment journalist, Sonja van Renssen provides an overview of the Top 5 Environment priorities for the Dutch EU Presidency:

  • COP21 follow-up: The “Energy Union, climate and transport” is one of the Dutch presidency’s five strategic priorities.
  • Circular economy: The Netherlands hopes to agree with the Council conclusions on the non-legislative action plan and kick off debate on definitions and targets for recycling.
  • NEC directive: MEPs and member states will start negotiations to agree new national air pollution targets for 2030.
  • Car emissions tests & Volkswagen Scandal: The European Parliament is due to approve or reject new car emission tests at its next plenary.
  • Better regulation: The Netherlands may raise hackles among environmentalists with its “Make it Work” initiative to cut red tape in environmental law.
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