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Investment necessary to foster resource efficient economy in EU, states Karl Falkenberg, DG Environment

May 3, 2012 - Environment

Karl Falkenberg, Director General for Environment at the European Commission met with leading energy & environment journalist Sonja van Renssen, to discuss the Resource Efficiency Roadmap.

The Director General for Environment explains that the Commission aims to offer a comprehensive narrative as well as a set of minimum targets, when it comes to Resource Efficiency. However, bringing these minimum requirements into reality already proves to be difficult, says Falkenberg. Considering that some Member States perceive these targets as ‘over the top’ in these times of economic downturn. In return, the Director General stresses the importance of moving beyond such short-term perceptions and pursuing the creation of a circular economy. In addition, Falkenberg argues that stimulating resource efficiency will increase the competitiveness of European business, both within as outside the internal market.

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