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Effective recycling at heart of Commission’s waste and circular economy package

June 2, 2014 - Environment

Karl Falkenberg, Director-General for Environment at the European Commission meets with leading environment journalist Sonja van Renssen to discuss the Commission’s upcoming waste and circular economy package.

The European Union has set an ambitious goal to recycle half of all household waste by 2020, however the door to landfill is still open. The Director-General for Environment argues that to increase recycling, member states need to become a lot better at separate collection of different municipal waste streams. Moreover, Falkenberg points out that it is very difficult to define the success of recycling in Europe with current methodologies. “For the moment we are measuring what is prepared for recycling, but not what is effectively recycled”, explains the Director-General. The ambition of the Commission’s upcoming policy package will be defined both by targets and a new approach to measurement, Falkenberg underlines.

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