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Climate policy: Europe “must get ready for Paris”, argues Commissioner Hedegaard

December 11, 2013 - Environment

Leading environment and climate journalist Sonja van Renssen is joined by Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard for an exclusive interview on the outcomes of the COP19 talks – the 19th Conference of Partners of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – which took place in Warsaw late November 2013.

In this interview, Commissioner Connie Hedegaard states that she is satisfied with the outcome of the COP19 talks since they delivered the timeline for the COP talks in Paris in 2015. Hedegaard emphasises Europe’s need for intelligent climate policies since Europe depends highly on imported fossil fuels and should therefore keep its leading role in tackling climate change. For her, this means promoting the development of the renewable energy sector, the waste handling sector and the energy efficiency sector. According to Commissioner Hedegaard, this will help tackling unemployment in Europe.

Moreover, Connie Hedegaard also provides an outlook on EU’s climate policies regarding the 2030 climate and energy package as well as on the upcoming UN Climate Summit which will be held in September 2014 in New York.

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