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Brussels Briefing on Environment: All you need to know for May & June 2014

In this Brussels Briefing on Environment leading environment journalist Sonja van Renssen provides an overview of the latest developments in the field of European environment policy.

Topics discussed include:

- CO2 emissions from trucks: first-ever European Commission strategy
Circular economy & waste: Green Week (June 2-5) and upcoming policy package, containing a review of the waste framework, landfill, and packaging and packaging waste directives, and a long-awaited Communication on sustainable food
- June Environment Council: air quality and 2030 Climate & Energy Strategy  (June 13)
EU Summit: 2030 Climate & Energy Strategy and energy security of supply (June 26 – 27)
- Informal meeting of EU environment ministers in Athens (May 14)
- More efficient lorries: member states gearing up for clash with Parliament
- Expected return to indirect land-use change (ILUC)

Featuring statement by Jos DelbekeDirector General for Climate Action at the European Commission.

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