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Paul Hodson, Unit Energy Efficiency at DG Energy, on reconciling Energy and Climate with Market Goals

February 9, 2012 - Energy

Paul Hodson, head of Unit Energy Efficiency at DG Energy, met with leading energy & environment journalist Sonja van Renssen at the annual CEER conference to discuss the question “How to reconcile energy and climate objectives with competitive market goals?”

First point of discussion is the Commission’s Energy Efficiency Proposal, which was launched last year. Now under discussion in the European Parliament and the European Council, the proposal can be best described as a mix of various small measures to reach the target of cutting emissions with 20% by 2020. However, both the Parliament and the Council advocate greater flexibility. Mr Hodson discusses the possible consequences.

Whatever the outcome may be, the Commission will use the regulatory power it already has with regard to appliances & buildings to reach the 20% target, says Mr Hodson. When it comes to boilers for example, the Ecodesign Directive will cut the least efficient ones out of the market. Moreover, the Commission will look into measures to trigger investments at home and small & large companies to increase energy efficiency.

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