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Commission seeks to enhance energy security through its Covenant of Mayors

October 6, 2014 - Energy

Leading energy journalist Hughes Belin is joined by Marie Donnelly, Director for Energy Transition at the European Commission’s DG Energy, to discuss how local communities can secure a sustainable energy future.

Donnelly explains that the Covenant of Mayors is a great example of subsidiarity and the action of local people when it comes to sustainable energy. “We have more than 6,000 mayors so far who have subscribed to the Covenant of Mayors within and outside the European Union, and 4,000 of them have already prepared their sustainability action plans”, explains Donnelly. She underlines that the cities involved in this initiative have already reduced greenhouse gas emissions on average by 29% and took action to mobilise investment in the area of sustainable buildings and transport.

5 million euros have been spent over 3 years to support the Covenant of Mayors platform. According to Donnelly, the investment has definitely paid off as this exchange of local practices has borne fruit. The Director for Energy Transition underlines that the Covenant of Mayors also plays a crucial role in enhancing energy security in the context of the Ukraine crisis. Therefore, DG Energy has already got in contact with the mayors of the Eastern Member States and informed them about financing possibilities to make their energy system more resilient.

“If we face a shortage of gas in winter, local mayors come into the central stage”, claims Donnelly. tweet

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