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Commission expects deal on 2030 climate-energy package by autumn, says Dominique Ristori – Director General for Energy

March 18, 2014 - Energy

Leading energy journalist Hughes Belin is joined by Dominique RistoriDirector General for Energy at the European Commission for an exclusive interview on the further steps to reach a deal on the 2030 climate and energy package

EU leaders will debate the 2030 climate and energy goals at the European Council meeting on March 20 and 21. Ristori expects that during this meeting, member states will form a strong basis for an agreement, which, according to the Director General, has to be reached by autumn. To reach the 27% binding targets for renewables at the European level, “the governance we need is not a punitive one, that would put a heavy pressure on member states. We will build on the basis of national plans”,  Ristori explains. Furthermore, he touches upon the situation in Ukraine and its consequences on the relations between the EU and Russia.

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