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Citizens to benefit from Third Energy Package by 2014, claims Energy Regulators Agency

September 17, 2013 - Energy

Hughes Belin is joined by Alberto Pototschnig, Director of the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), to discuss the progress of the European Union Member States on implementing the Third Energy Package to further improve Europe’s Internal Energy Market.

It is Mr Pototschnig’s belief that the EU Member States are on track to not only implement the rules, but also allow for their citizens to experience the tangible benefits by 2014. In some cases the implementation deadlines have proven to be too slow, allowing for ACER to take the initiative and take up the coordination of pilot projects and similar early implementation schemes.

With regard to energy market re-nationalization trends across europe, Mr Pototschnig shares that the problem may be in the lack of division in liberalization, especially when it comes to renewable sources of energy. He does not argue that regulated prices are clear obstacles to market competition and liberalization, however, a mid-point may exist, making use of preferential pricing for vulnerable consumers.

Ambitious‘ is how the Director of ACER describes the Third Energy Package, but not so much as to be considered an excuse for Member States to be late.

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