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ECR Group – Trade spokesperson Emma McClarkin sends a strong pro-TTIP message

June 18, 2015 - ECR Group

The European Parliament has sent a welcome strong message that all issues are open to negotiation between the EU and USA as it seeks to find agreement on a game-changing trade and investment partnership.

European Conservatives and Reformists Group trade spokesman Emma McClarkin welcomed the parliament’s decision and particularly its decision not to lay down red lines on investor protection at this early stage. An amendment had been tabled by left wing MEPs seeking to demand that an investor-state-dispute-settlement (ISDS) clause be ruled out of any agreement. The rejection of the amendment was supported by Ms McClarkin who believes that European investors must be able to ensure non-discriminatory treatment in the US, and with a proposal on the table to reform ISDS so that it is more transparent and includes additional safeguards, any refusal to consider it is premature.

Although the parliament’s adoption of a strongly pro-TTIP position is not binding on the negotiators, the parliament must give consent to any eventual deal.

Ms McClarkin is now urging the European Commission and the US Trade Rep to take this vote as a signal to redouble their efforts.

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