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About ECR Group




The European Conservatives and Reformists group was created in 2009 to campaign for urgent reform of the European Union. We believe it is time to make Europe work again: both economically and for its people.  Bringing together 71 MEPs from 15 EU countries, we are currently the third largest group in the European Parliament.


The ECR’s founding ideals are based on the Prague Declaration, which calls for an EU of openness, transparency, and particularly eurorealism.

The eurorealism concept distinguishes the ECR’s agenda from the other political groups. We believe in a new direction for the EU, which does not destroy the organisation or undermine cooperation.

However, we want to steer the EU away from the ideological march towards a European federal super state and towards a more flexible organisation that listens to and respects people in all of its member countries. Instead of clinging to outdated ideals of European integration we believe in equipping the EU with the practical solutions required to rise to today’s challenges.

We want to make the EU open for trade, closer to its people, living within its means and delivering value, and respectful of the diversity across Europe. Above all, we want an EU of cooperation and common sense.


Despite being a new group we have already managed to make a major difference to the European political landscape. Just a few of our successes include:

– Securing a more rational EU budget

– Bringing an end to years of fisheries mismanagement

– Driving the opening of trade across the world

– Leading the campaign to save money by ending the monthly ‘Travelling Circus’ to Strasbourg

– Helping entrepreneurs, cutting red tape and completing the single market.

Positions of influence

We have made a difference by having a number of MEPs in all of the bodies of the parliament articulating and delivering our agenda.

As well as the chairmanship of the powerful Internal Market Committee, and the Security and Defence Subcommittee, the ECR also has MEPs on the major decision-making bodies of the parliament: the Conference of Presidents, and the Bureau where we are represented by our Vice-President of the Parliament and a Quaestor.

We also enjoy coordinators (a whip/ lead negotiator/spokesman) in every committee, and we hold the Vice-Presidencies of a number of other committees, and the chairmanship of several delegations for relations with non-EU countries.

The Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists

Outside the European Parliament, the broader Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists contains a number of parties, including governing parties of three EU Member States, and Prime Minister David Cameron.

 Visit their website at www.aecr.eu target=”_blank”

New Direction is a free market, euro-realist foundation established in 2010 and based in Brussels. It is the AECR’s think-tank. Visit its website at http://newdirectionfoundation.org/

Time for a New Direction

The ECR will continue to play a positiv

e role in the EU, aiming to take it in a different direction so that its focus is serving its people, rather than expanding its own powers.

If you believe in a more open, growth-orientated EU of strong cooperation where power is exercised at the level closest to the people, join with us in taking the EU in a new direction.

To read the ECR Group’s proposals for the Commission’s Work Programme for 2014, click on the image to the right.