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Lebanon: We need more EU funds to host migrants

March 14, 2016 - Citizens & Consumers

Lebanon’s Ambassador to the EU, Rami Mortada, tells viEUws the refugee crisis is placing a “huge burden” on his country. Holding the record for housing the highest number of refugees per capita and per square kilometre, Lebanon is struggling to build enough housing, schools and roads for an estimated 1.5 million people fleeing war in Syria. Mortada calls on the international community to provide more direct funding to Lebanon’s economy so that the country can improve its infrastructure. Currently, the majority of funds are channeled through refugee agencies and spent on emergency provision, rather than longer-term projects.

As EU leaders try to resolve differences over immigration following a fractious EU-Turkey summit on 7th March, Mortada stresses the need for both sides to work together. But for him, European leaders will never solve the crisis until the political situation in Syria and surroundings stabilises. Full interview with Ellie Mears.

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