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European Parliament resists pro-tobacco lobbying, Linda McAvan MEP

June 11, 2013 - Citizens & Consumers

European Affairs journalist Peter O’Donnell talks to MEP Linda McAvan (S&D Group), the European Parliament rapporteur on the revision of the EU tobacco directive.

Linda McAvan wants the European Parliament to focus on banning things that try to make smoking more attractive to young people. She is determined to allow for Member States to go further than the Commission’s proposal, e.g. Ireland’s decision to introduce plain packaging. Mrs. McAvan reflects on the way the Commission managed the revision of the tobacco directive, including the Dalligate and states that she and her fellow shadow rapporteurs are unmoved by the tobacco industry lobby.

The most important things for me are the packaging parts of the legislation, the ban on slims in the legislation, the ban on flavouring in the legislation.”

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