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Dual-use tech: EU should stop the spread of digital arms, says MEP Schaake

September 25, 2013 - Citizens & Consumers | ICT

Leading ICT journalist Jennifer Baker is joined by Marietje Schaake MEP (ALDE), to discuss dual-use technologies and growing concerns surrounding ‘digital arms’ proliferation.

Ms Schaake warns about the danger of technologies with both civil and military applications. The MEP is not looking to add legislative control over exports of a electronics. Instead, Schaake points out that Europe should pay closer attention to the countries they reach. Such an approach aims at protecting European citizens and those of third countries, where humanitarian concerns may be present, including a possible ‘black list’ approach to the issue. By raising these issues, Schaake aims to end the exports of digital arms, as well as addressing much greater challenges such as cyber security.

‘It is a bit hypocritical to talk about the NSA revaluations with concern to stress the importance of cyber security, which is also a very popular topic nowadays, without addressing the fact that it’s EU based companies that are making and producing these digital arms.’ 

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