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Dalligate: Barroso has a lot to answer for, argues the Greens Group

Jennifer Baker is joined by Helmut Weixler, Spokesperson for the Greens Group, to discuss the Dalligate and OLAF’s role.

On Wednesday, 29th of May, Giovanni Kessler, head of the EU’s anti-fraud office OLAF, will appear before the hearings at the European Parliament Budgetary Control Committee. Kessler is expected to explain his role in the investigation against former EU commissioner John Dalli.

The leaders of the political groups in the European Parliament have rejected a request from the Greens to summon EC President José Manuel Barroso. Helmut Weixler argues that the EC President Barroso has a lot to answer for regarding this case.

Back in October 2012, John Dalli was forced to resign  in a “cash for influence” lobbying scandal. Dalli’s resignation came days before he was due to launch the new Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) that would have continued the EU-wide ban on snus, apart from in Sweden where it is allowed. Recent developments revealed Dalli’s innocence.

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